Enhancement Portrait Sample

Dear Client,

Enclosed please find your "Community Enhancement Portrait". We feel a long term plan addressing items outside the scope of your grounds contract is a critical element in protecting and enhancing your properties value.
Enclosed you will find:

  1. A portrait of items, prices and timing for implementation of the project.

  2. A map of the property with labeled areas of concern.

  3. A description list of general procedures for the items on the plan.

The intention of the "Community Enhancement Portrait" is to provide rough estimates and specifications for future projects. As time progresses and the board is ready to implement and allocate funds for specific items, we can then provide detailed proposals with actual material selections and pricing.







A:Corrective Pruning
All Bradfords $1,400
Section 1 $600
Section 2 $600
Section 3 $600
B: Renovation pruning
Shrubs in entrance $1,200
Shrubs in Section 1-3 $1,500
C: Erosion Control
Left Bank: Rip Rap Drains $3,381
Tree Ring Establishment –see map $1,500
Tree Ring Establishment see map $1,600
D: Grounds/Perimeter
Perimeter Control – Left Side $2,000
Perimeter Control – Right Side $2,500

E: Tot Lot
New chips/Border $850
Install privacy Screen$1,500
Install second tot lot – Section 2$2,500
F: Landscape Augmentation Buildings
Trash Corrals (Includes Gazebo) $4,000
Buildings 2,4,6 Spring$5,000
Building 3,5$4,500
Building 7-9$4,500
Building 10-13 $4,500