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Step 4: Seeding:
August 25th – October 15th

SeedingSeeding of bare and thin areas is performed at this time. The slowed growth of grass and weeds allows the new grass to take hold. This is also an effective time as the cool temperatures of the fall provides an excellent growth environment for the turf.

Step 5: Liming: The application of lime alters the PH of the soil.

Evergreen WallPH level is measured on a scale of 0 – 14. A PH level between 6 and 7 is good for the turf because the grass plant is able to make full use of the fertilizers we apply. Rainfall and pine needles lower the PH level of the soil. Lime will raise the PH level. We perform a soil test for all of our properties. The results tell us if the property needs a lime application.

Step 6: Aeration:
Heavy foot traffic, heavy equipment and poor soil composition can compact the soil.

Core AerationCompaction alters the soil structure to the detriment of plant growth. It also causes the soil to hold important nutrients and inhibits the effectiveness of other applications. Aeration with a core machine punches holes and removes a core to relieve the compaction.


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These last few years with the varying snow levels proved one thing to us. You all are setting the standard for snow plowing at all of our properties. It’s done right, it’s done timely, and at the best cost of all our contractors! Sometimes we have snow plowers that start plowing early, over treat, and in general run up the expenses – upon comparative analysis we always see Blade Runners as the most cost effective quality snow plow company. When you send the snow and weather alerts I actually use your guidelines to manage our other contractors.

Not to forget the communications! The email service announcements provide me with almost real-time info on what is happening on the property and how much attention is being devoted to each, especially by the supervisors. Work on site is done to a ‘t’ just as we outlined and wanted throughout the landscaping year. Extra work is done promptly and the sites look great.

Thanks again - and we do hope to work with you and Blade Runners more in the future!

Carol L. Holder, CPM
Vice President, Office and Retail Management
A. J. Dwoskin and Associates, Inc.

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"The staff at Blade Runners has outstanding knowledge of the landscape business -- your lawn, your shrubs, your trees, and much, much more. Plus, customer service and satisfaction are always a top priority with them. Blade Runners, you're the best!"

Kelly Hardy
Landscape Committee Chair
Williamsburg Pond Home Owners Association