Mauget Injection

Blade Runners strongly recommends Mauget fertilization over deep rootMauget Injector feeding to increase the healthy growth of trees.

What is Micro Injection? Mauget is the leader in micro injection treatments. The environmentally friendly way to apply fertilizers. No need to worry about drift, because of the patented closed system the chemical is contained entirely within the tree. This gives the applicator the opportunity to treat trees in adverse weather conditions (wind, and rain) or at location (next to swimming pools, in school yards, along busy streets, in interior plantscapes etc.).

The Stemix family line of fertilizers are based on Chelated Elements. Depending on soil conditions, the benefits of these Micro Injection treatments are usually evident from one to five years when compared to adjacent untreated trees.

Stemix is an All Purpose Balanced Fertilizer contains a formula of Agricultural Minerals designed to stimulate both foliar and root growth without extended damage to trees. It is particularly effective in promoting new foliar, cambial and root growth where conventional applications of fertilizing amendments alone do not produce this effect. Stemix will provide the stimulation necessary for the proper acceptance of soil-applied fertilization materials.

Only a certified IPM specialist is authorized to apply these products. Call for a free estimate today 703-273-8873.

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"Blade Runners has always been courteous and responsive in emergency situations. Following some severe storms we had a number of trees down. Blade Runners was able to quickly dispatch crews to remove damaged trees and restore the grounds."

"In working with a number of Associations, it is important to be able to contact someone immediately with a request or a question. Grounds Maintenance and Landscapers that you are unable to contact and those that you must leave repeated messages to return your call can become detrimental to having a smooth running community, Blade Runners is quick to respond, courteous and knowledgeable."

Kathy E. Gately, AMS
Association Manager
Capital Management

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"The staff at Blade Runners has outstanding knowledge of the landscape business -- your lawn, your shrubs, your trees, and much, much more. Plus, customer service and satisfaction are always a top priority with them. Blade Runners, you're the best!"

Kelly Hardy
Landscape Committee Chair
Williamsburg Pond Home Owners Association