Trees & Shrubs: Integrated Pest Management Applications (IPM)

Step 1: The first application to a property is done in March.

During this dormant period few pests are active. Most are in their winterSpider Mite egg stage, which is difficult to penetrate. However, horticulture oil is very effective on the eggs and nymphs of Spider Mites, aphids, Adelgids & scale insects. Horticulture Oil is an excellent low toxic option for a pest monitor to lower population levels that will exist during the growing season. The solution is sprayed directly on the branches and lower limbs of the host plants.

Step 2: This application occurs in early to mid-April.

The primary pest at this time which most people are familiar with is theTent Caterpillar Eastern Tent Caterpillar. Although they hatch from a black egg mass less then 3⁄4" long these creatures will do considerable damage and can completely defoliate a tree. If possible a pest monitor will first try to prune the nest from the tree by hand. Otherwise a liquid spray is used to penetrate the nest. Applications are also made at this time.

Step 3: This application is done in early May.

Hemlock Wooly Adelgids eggs are hatching into new crawlers. It is at thisAdelgids stage of their life cycle where these pests are most vulnerable to control. Adelgids prefer mature hemlocks. They are piercing, sucking insects which can be easily identified by their white, waxy coating. A heavy infestation can cause the death of a tree in 3-4 years. In addition to oil applications during dormancy a pest monitor will spray the crawlers of infested trees at this time.

See Steps 4 thru 6
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