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Step 4: In June one of the most prominent pests is the bagworm.

Bagworms prefer Arborvitae’s, Junipers, Cedars and occasionally whiteBagworms pines. The damage to these evergreens can be severe. Upon hatching the larvae enclose themselves in silken bags which are constructed from plant parts and can reach 2" in length. A small population can be hand picked from its host. However, in heavy infestations a pesticide is recommended to ensure the health of the plant. Each bag contains up to 1,000 eggs. Pesticide applications are ineffective unless they are made before August.

Step 5: Late June and early July bring another common pest to ornamentals and turf - the Japanese Beetle.

Skeletonized leaves are the characteristic damage these chewing insectsJapanese Beetle cause. The hard-shelled adults have brown wing covers and metallic green bodies. A systematic insecticide is the best control for the adult Japanese Beetle. A safer, more effective approach is provided by the use of Milky Spore in the turf, which kills the larvae for a period of up to 20 years. Milky Spore is applied from August to late September. Pheromone traps are not recommended, as they will only increase the number of eggs deposited in the immediate area.

Step 6: By July numerous pest are active in their life cycle.

One, which irritates many homeowners, is the Lace Bug.Lacebugs Lace Bugs feed on ornamentals such as Azaleas, Pyrancanthas, Cotoneasters and Andromedas as well as Sycamore and Oak trees. Lacebugs predominately feed on the underside of leaves causing whitish-yellow flecks called stipples on the upper surface. This damage is the first sign of an infestation. Lacebugs will also produce black fecal spots on the underside of the leaves. The adult only reaches 1/8’ in size. As is implied by the name, the wings of the adult are delicate and lacelike. They are usually clear with black markings. Most species have multiple generations in a year. A forceful thorough spray with a systemic is the only way to get good control. Although this pest can be stubborn it can also be avoided. Azaleas planted in full sun is a sure way for lacebugs to visit your property.


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