Pesticide Safety Handbook

Lawn Care Applications

Blade Runners Commercial Grounds Maintenance, Inc. has an "environmentally conscious" approach to theHappy Dog pest and weed control for your property. For too long blanket chemical applications have been used to control problems where intelligent, selective spot control would be effective.

Blade Runners constantly strives to use modern techniques and new products on the market. Our goal is for you to have a vibrant, healthy landscape with the most effective products on the market. We are constantly reviewing updates from Universities and trade publications to ensure that we are at the top of the class in our field of expertise. For ease of understanding, we separate the control process into two different areas (1) Tree and Shrub Applications for control of unwanted pests in your ornamental trees and shrubs; (2) and Turf Applications that enhance the health of the turf while eliminating unwanted plant species.

Safety Philosophy

Each Blade Runners lawn care applicator is certified by the State of Virginia’s Department of Agriculture. Only certified lawn maintenance technicians are authorized to apply chemicals. Throughout the year, we constantly test our technicians on their knowledge and safety habits.

EPA and Department of Agriculture guidelines for lawn care safety are taught and implemented at Blade Runners, Inc. Blade Runners employees are strictly instructed the following: precautionary reading of all pesticides labeling; education of all signs and symptoms of common types of pesticide poisoning, emergency first aid, use of personal protective equipment; safety in handling, transporting, storing and disposing of all chemicals. Attention is also paid to eliminate any environmental concerns such as drift, runoff and wildlife hazards. Your safety and the safety of our employees is Blade Runners #1 concern.

Communication with our customers and our immediate response to their concerns are of our utmost importance. This is especially critical in the area of chemical applications, where our residents want facts and need them fast. This web site will provide you with chemical facts and our philosophy on their application. We hope you will never hesitate to call with any questions you have about our lawn maintenance management program.

All Blade Runners’ technicians are fully trained using the latest information and following all grounds maintenance guidelines of the Virginia Department of Agriculture. There is extensive field training in: equipment, spraying technique, safety, product familiarity and industry standards. No Blade Runners employee enters the field until they have completed all training and certification.

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Courteous and responsive...

I began working with Blade Runners about 5 years ago. Since then they have become my first choice for all landscaping related work. Their routine service is outstanding. Their tree and enhancement services are even better. They are one of the few companies that contact us to make us aware of problems and to make suggestions for improvements. We use They have the ability to take on projects of all sizes and types and are always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done to everyone's satisfaction. I recommend them without reservation for any type of landscaping work.

Ken Eiriksson, President
East Coast Management & Consulting Services, Inc.

Customer service and satisfaction...

"The staff at Blade Runners has outstanding knowledge of the landscape business -- your lawn, your shrubs, your trees, and much, much more. Plus, customer service and satisfaction are always a top priority with them. Blade Runners, you're the best!"

Kelly Hardy
Landscape Committee Chair
Williamsburg Pond Home Owners Association