“I think you all did a great job at Briarwood Condos. Great job in the parking lot and an unbelievably great job at 4:30 am getting our side walks done. Thank you so much!”

   Susan Claflin,VP
   Briarwood Court Condos HOA

Blade Runners is proudly offering a FREE new service to our customers:  the Client Portal.  This “window” will provide our customers with beneficial services and account information. These services will include:

1.  Electronic Check Processing for Payments

2.  Reviewing Paid and Unpaid Invoices

3.  Viewing Upcoming Service Tasks at your property

4.  Seeing Completed Service Tasks at your property

Here’s a preview of the Client Portal:

Check Payment Processing.2

Invoice View Sample.2

Planned Services.2

Review Completed Services.2

How do I get Started?  Simply contact your account manager.  We will send you an invitation and the login information, and you will be ready to go.

Attn: Eric Storck and Terry Turner

The board at Hunters Green Cluster hired your company to correct an erosion problem behind my home. The landscaping crew finished the project last week and I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the results. The combination of Rocks, Plants, and design turned an eyesore into an attractive area.

Edwin, Daniel, and Mesa, are very polite and diligent in completing the work they obviously take pride in doing a job well. I have lived in Hunters Green Cluster over ten years and have always found your crews to be hard workers who always produce professional results -this crew was exceptional.

I would ot hesitate to recommend Blade Runners to my friends or use them for any future work in my yard.

Virginia Banks
11797 Indian Ridge Rd
Reston Va 22091

Hello Eric and Terry…
I have been very fortunate to work from home last week and watch the wonderful workers who from beginning to end (planting today!) did all the work to dig up and prepare and set in the swales behind the houses at the top of indian ridge from 11799 to 11787…

Ruben came by today too and we walked the swale and talked…I want to thank him and this wonderful crew we have here…..
Edwin and Daniel and Meja who have toiled… each day from early morning to late afternoon during the hottest most humid week of the summer, where people take advantage of this by enjoying in the pool, which they keep clean with the right equipment, you can get more info about them in different sites online…

they never complained, never slacked… worked SO hard!!

they are so friendly and respectful… the work is exemplary …. the swale is beautiful…it survived the incredible rain of friday too!!! amazing!!!!

the grounds crew rarely ever gets a nod from the residents…and yet we see that they are diligently here in all kinds of weather helping to keep hunters green cluster neat and tidy… they are always friendly and considerate…whenever a homeowner goes to get in or out of the cars, get their mail etc, the workers stop their work in order to keep the dust and clippings from blowing at them..

it is important to hear the good things… in fact, we so rarely say anything… so much easier to complain… YET, it is not… it is actually much easier to compliment and thank our guys for their efforts on our behalf!!!

thanks so much..
come see the work!!! it is NICE…

(now… we know we have many more erosion areas that need this kind of work… this was a considerably bigger project than some would be, so i am very hopeful that we can do more..)

rushing out for a platelet donation… there will be more later!

katharine hunter 703-476-9095

H Katharine Hunter
…. cliche or no… peace, please

Blade Runners is a landscape company with whom we have had the pleasure of working with for a number of years in various commercial sites that we have managed. We have found Blade Runners to be extremely responsive, professional, and reliable to work with and I highly recommend them for any landscaping or snow removal services.

Tim Kirchner
Northern Virginia Management

Blade-runners has been the landscapers at the garden style apartment building we manage for close to 10 years. Being a garden style property, curb appeal is VERY important to us. Before starting to work with Blade runners we had used a number of different companies, never quite happy with the workmanship or customer service.

In today’s world of automation or never getting the same person twice, it’s nice to have a manager for our property that knows us, knows our expectations for the property and wants to make sure we are happy. Check out to get a reliable and personalized service. And because we have had the same project manager for sometime, he also knows the history of the property and what plants work well there. For example, we always ask for pansies in the fall on the north side of the property. They really don’t get enough sun to be happy there, and on our last walk through of the property, our project manager suggested cabbages instead that will look fabulous. We can’t wait to see them this year. He put together a plan that will work with our conditions and will suit our needs, including the right security measures like security cameras and  a parabolic listening device to make sure our property is safe.

We would not hesitate to recommend Blade runners to anyone who wants to have beautiful grounds after trying the how to guide from brecks:!

Michael Campbell
Manor House Apartments

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